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I have to admit something. I am a skeptic.

Being in the natural health field I have been exposed to many different unconventional therapies and ideas. As such, I am forced to properly evaluate whether a particular supplement, device, treatment, or idea is efficacious.

One of my rules in evaluating various therapies is that I consider them possibly efficacious until proven otherwise. In other words, I will not discount or accept a therapy until I have personal experience and/or see solid research.

This way of thinking has saved me from getting hooked by many useless therapies and ideas.

In one particular case however, I dismissed the evidence prematurely… the power and dangers of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs).

The great thing about the truth, is that it develops force over time. And truly, the power of the truth hit me hard this time.

About 5 years ago I was introduced to the possibility that mobile phones, portable phones, WiFi, and most electrical devices emit a non-ionizing radiation that could be harmful. At the time I was not presented with solid research and thus did not pass this information on to my family, clients, and students.

The research however is now solid, and beyond a shadow of a doubt, these devices should be used with caution.

I recently had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Devra Lee Davis speak on the latest research on EMFs.

I was floored, to say the least.

Longer Term Use of Mobile Phones Increase Brain Tumour Incidence

Increasing brain tumour incidence in countries with longer term use of cellphones
Increasing brain tumour incidence in countries with longer term use of mobilephones

EMF Exposure Decreases The Size of The Brain

Prenatal exposure of 900 MHz EMF induces pyramidal cell loss in the rat hippocampus
Prenatal exposure of 900 MHz EMF induces pyramidal mobile loss in the rat hippocampus

As you can see from the slides, the brain area known as the hippocampus had significant mobile loss in the subjects on the left, exposed to EMFs. This particular study was completed on newborn rats, illustrating the importance of protecting infants from this radiation. They are particularly vulnerable due to the rapid development of their nervous system.

EMFs Damage DNA

DNA Base Modification: 1800 MHz-like RF radiation for 15min/day, 7 days
DNA Base Modification: 1800 MHz-like RF radiation for 15min/day, 7 days

I have previously discussed the role that our environment plays on the expression of our genes. The information our genes are exposed to, in the form of food, exercise, thoughts, chemicals, and radiation, affects the way our genes are expressed.

It has been shown now that our DNA is affected in a detrimental way after exposing the subject to radiation for 15 minutes a day for seven days in a row. This is nothing compared to the exposure most people get.

Parotid/Salivary Gland Tumors Tripled in Israel

Cell phone directly over the salivary gland and parotid gland
mobile phone directly over the salivary gland and parotid gland
Increase in Parotid Gland Tumors in Israel Over the Last 30 Years
Increase in Parotid Gland Tumors in
Israel Over the Last 30 Years

EMFs increase brain metabolism

EMFs and glucose

In areas of the brain that were closest to the antenna, glucose metabolism increased significantly. Furthermore, metabolic increases with mobile phone exposure were significantly correlated with intensities of the estimated EMF amplitude in the radiofrequency bandwidth of the phones.

What really came as a surprise to me was when Dr. Davis mentioned that mobile phones actually increased dopamine in the brain. What does that mean physiologically? It points to the possibility that mobile phones can become addictive. Dopamine is the same neurotransmitter that is released with cocaine addiction.

These results provide evidence that the human brain is sensitive to EMFs from mobile phones.

Proven effects of mobile phones on humans

  • The amount of sperm, and the motility, morphology and morbidity are all reduced
  • In the saliva there are increased micronuclei, as well as DNA damage, and reduced amylase, albumin, and salivary flow
  • Increased frequency of tinnitus (or ringing) within the dominant ear
  • Alterations to nerve conduction velocity

Proven effects of mobile phones on animals

  • Weakened blood-brain barrier
  • Increase in reactive oxygen species, chemically reactive molecules containing oxygen
  • Altered calcium transport
  • Prenatally-induced damage to DNA repair mechanisms, reduction in differentiation of neural stem cells into neurons, and damage to the  hippocampus and cerebellum

Who is leading the world in mobile phone awareness?

The French Government has:

  • Banned advertising directed at children under age 12
  • Banned the design of phones to be used by those under 6
  • Mandated that all handsets must indicate the amount of radiation emitted
  • In the city of Lyon, launched an official advertising campaign to discourage the use of mobile phones by children

Why don’t we know about this?

The industry has a $250 million fund to discredit the IARC, often using unsuspecting professionals as “experts”.

How can you protect your family?

  • Turn off transmission (on an iPhone it’s called “airplane mode”)
  • Use the speakerphone option
  • Use earpieces (avoid using a blue-tooth)
  • Use a EMF protective technology for your phone, computer, and other electronics (use coupon code gitalis10 for a 10% discount)
  • Avoid keeping the phone on your body or in a pocket
  • Avoid using your phone in areas with weak signals
  • Protect abdomens: especially for those who are pregnant, adolescent, and men wishing to become fathers
  • Do not text while driving/biking/moving (switching between antennas while in use increases EMF exposure)

Unfortunately, when it comes to technology, devices follow the same doctrine put forth by the judicial system; innocent until proven guilty. Consequently, a huge trial is taking place and many people won’t realize they are a part of it until it is too late.

The evidence to date clearly shows the risks associated with EMFs, and it is thus essential   to protect yourself, your loved ones, and especially your kids.


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