Functional Nutrition Certification

Online professional level certification in advanced functional nutrition and practical strategies for working with your clients.


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For health care practitioners and those
with a passion for in-depth nutrition.

Program Objectives

Objective 1

Use the power of integrative therapies by bridging the gap between scientific knowledge and practical application.

Objective 3

Master the art of restoring optimal health through targeted interventions involving therapeutic foods, lifestyle modifications, and nutraceutical strategies.

Objective 2

Embark on an in-depth exploration of the intricacies of the body’s systems and learn how to understand the  language of the body known as symptomatology.

Objective 4

Stay at the forefront of the field with the latest research, honing your expertise in nutrition and functional medicine, and translating this knowledge into effective clinical application.


The Functional Nutrition Certification Program

Realize the growth of your professional reputation and the expansion of your business.

Core Curriculum


module 1

Unlock the full potential of your clinical practice and stay at the forefront of the dynamic field of Therapeutic Nutrition and Supplementation.

With a focus on cutting-edge knowledge and practical application, this advanced level course equips you with the expertise to masterfully take your practice and your personal well-being to the next level of optimal health. 

Areas of Focus
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of major nutritional supplements, delving into detailed profiles and characteristics for precise clinical application.
  • Learn evidence-based nutritional supplementation protocols for managing a wide range of chronic and acute conditions commonly encountered in clinical practice.
  • Acquire a deep understanding of the healing properties of each supplement and food, enabling tailored interventions to address specific health concerns.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the specific health conditions each supplement and food can improve and/or heal.

Module Outline: Therapeutic Nutrition and Supplementation in Clinical Practice

Dates: September 7 – October 4, 2023

Class 1: Foundations of Therapeutic Nutrition and Supplementation

  • Understanding the composition of the human body and its significance in health promotion.
  • Exploring the concept of health and its multifaceted dimensions.
  • Vitamin supplements: Comprehensive examination of food sources, beneficial effects, appropriate dosages, different forms, and indications for use.

Class 2: Minerals and Essential Fatty Acids

  • Mineral supplement dosages and indications for therapeutic use.
  • Safe and effective therapeutic dosing considerations for infants and children.
  • Types of essential fatty acids: In-depth analysis of food sources, beneficial effects, optimal dosages, various forms available, and indications for supplementation.

Class 3: Glandulars, Protomorphogens, and Amino Acids

  • The therapeutic potential of glandular extracts and protomorphogens in clinical practice.
  • A comprehensive study of amino acids: food sources, their beneficial effects on the body, appropriate dosages, different forms, and indications for supplementation.

Class 4: Enzyme Therapy, Accessory Nutrients, and Drug Interactions

  • Understanding enzyme therapy: its mechanisms, applications, and key benefits.
  • Exploring accessory nutrients like CoQ10, alpha-lipoic acid, and others: food sources, beneficial effects, dosages, different forms available, and indications for use.
  • Identifying contraindications and possible adverse effects of therapeutic supplements.
  • Analyzing drug-nutrient interactions and understanding how everyday drugs can deplete essential nutrients in the body.
  • Implementing nutritional strategies to mitigate the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs and lifestyle habits.

Class 5: Herbal Therapeutics, Medicinal Mushrooms, and Therapeutic Juices

  • Therapeutic use of herbs: exploring their beneficial effects, appropriate dosages, different forms available, and indications for supplementation.
  • Investigating the potential benefits of medicinal mushrooms: dosages, various forms, and indications for use.
  • Bee medicine: Understanding its beneficial effects, suitable dosages, different forms available, and indications for supplementation.
  • Exploring therapeutic juicing, smoothies, and elixirs for optimal health.
  • Creating effective and tailored juice, smoothie, and elixir prescriptions.
  • Leveraging the healing power of therapeutic foods.
  • Real-life case studies: reviewing practical examples to understand how therapeutic nutrition and supplementation can be applied in different scenarios.

Download the program syllabus


Module 2

In the Digestion and GI Health course you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology of the digestive system to deepen your knowledge of the intricate processes involved in digestion and gastrointestinal health.

Areas of Focus
  • A comprehensive understanding of the digestive system, including a thorough grasp of its anatomical structure and physiological functions.
  • Enhance your ability to identify and assess GI tract dysfunctions through the utilization of diagnostic tools, comprehensive evaluations, and by recognizing specific symptomatology
  • Gain a holistic perspective on the root causes of health issues in the digestive system, recognizing the interrelationship between various factors, including diet, lifestyle, stress management, and environmental factors.
  • Discover a range of evidence-backed techniques and therapies including the 5 R's framework for digestive healing to promote the restoration of optimal digestive health.
  • Foster an integrative approach to digestive wellness, incorporating targeted diets, beneficial foods, nutraceuticals, and mind-body modalities for optimal outcomes.
  • Build a toolkit of sustainable lifestyle modifications to guide clients in cultivating lasting habits and behaviors that support ongoing digestive health.

Module Outline: Digestion and GI Health

Dates: October 12 – November 8, 2023

Class 1: Anatomy and Physiology

  • Explore the intricate anatomy of the digestive tract, gaining a comprehensive understanding of its structure and functions.
  • Going deeper than you ever thought possible to intimately understand the digestive process by unraveling the step-by-step mechanisms that contribute to optimal digestion and nutrient absorption.

Class 2: Pathophysiology

  • Dive into the pathophysiology of specific digestive conditions, unraveling their underlying mechanisms and symptoms.
  • Master the art and science of implementing 5 R's of digestive healing to form a comprehensive approach to gut restoration.
  • Investigate the intricacies of intestinal permeability
  • Understand the connection between autoimmune disorders and the fundamental importance of maintaining a healthy and balanced gut.
  • Explore in great depth the fascinating world of the human microbiome and its profound impact on digestive health.

Class 3: Targeted Interventions For Specific Common Conditions

  • Focus on targeted interventions for prevalent digestive conditions, such as:
    • hypochlorhydria and hyperchlorhydria,
    • gastroparesis,
    • irritable bowel syndrome (IBS),
    • ulcers,
    • H. pylori infection,
    • small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO),
    • inflammatory bowel disease,
    • allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances.
  • Develop a robust repertoire of practical techniques to effectively address these conditions, empowering you to quickly create and deliver functional nutrition protocols to restore the GI health of your clients with upmost confidence.

Class 4: Digestive Healing: An Evidence-Based Approach

  • Explore healing diets that have shown efficacy in restoring gut health, providing the foundation for your therapeutic interventions.
  • Build on your existing knowledgebase of therapeutic of foods, and dive even deeper with the latest evidence-based research to enhance your ability to recommend targeted dietary interventions.
  • Expand your knowledge of targeted supplementation, equipping you with the knowledge to recommend appropriate nutraceuticals to optimize digestive well-being.
  • Uncover the intricate mind-body connection and its influence on digestive health, exploring techniques that can complement and enhance therapeutic interventions.

Download the program syllabus


module 3

It is estimated that between 25-50% of adults have endocrine imbalances. It is no wonder the numbers are so high when nutritional deficiencies and excesses, reduced physical activity, poor lifestyles, and an increase in environmental toxins are so commonplace. These factors can greatly influence the balance of our hormones.

Hormones are key players in the body’s communication network. They need to be in balance much like all of the instruments in a symphony need to be tuned. When the hormones are “out of tune”, symptoms and disease can ensue such as:

  • Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and Graves’ disease
  • Adrenal insufficiency/fatigue
  • Premenstrual syndrome
  • Prostate enlargement
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Female/Male infertility
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
  • Fibrocystic breasts
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Osteoporosis
Areas of Focus
  • Advanced understanding of the endocrine system
  • Improve your accuracy in the identification of hormonal imbalances – pattern recognition.
  • Develop a holistic perspective on the root causes of hormonal imbalances
  • Learn evidence-based protocols for addressing specific hormonal conditions
  • Gain strategies for sustaining hormonal balance beyond short-term interventions.

Module Outline: Hormones and Endocrinology

Dates: November 16 – December 13, 2023

Class 1: Advanced Anatomy and Physiology of the Endocrine System

  • Explore the major endocrine organs and their functions within the body
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the life cycle of hormones
  • Deep dive into the role of cholesterol in maintaining hormonal health

Class 2: Advanced Concepts in Insulin Resistance and Diabetes Management

  • Dive into the mechanisms of insulin resistance and its impact on overall health
  • Understand the differences between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and their management
  • Examine the relationship between metabolic syndrome and hormonal imbalances
  • Explore in-depth therapeutic approaches, including targeted diets, specific foods, lifestyle modifications, and advanced nutraceutical interventions for addressing insulin resistance and diabetes

Class 3: Advanced Assessment and Management of Adrenal Dysfunction and Thyroid Disorders

  • Deepen your knowledge of adrenal fatigue, exploring the intricacies of the three stages and the implication in your targeted protocol development
  • Expand your understanding of thyroid dysfunction, including advanced concepts in hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, and autoimmune thyroiditis
  • Discover advanced therapeutic interventions, including specialized diets, specific foods, advanced lifestyle modifications, and targeted nutraceutical interventions for supporting adrenal and thyroid health

Class 4: Advanced Strategies for Balancing Sex Hormones and Managing Associated Conditions

  • Strengthen your expertise in addressing hormone imbalances related to female health and associated conditions
  • Explore advanced concepts in hormone imbalances affecting male health
  • Discover cutting-edge therapeutic approaches, including advanced diets, specialized foods, advanced lifestyle modifications, and targeted nutraceutical interventions for balancing sex hormones

Download the program syllabus


module 4

It is becoming more recognized that chemicals play a significant role in everybody’s health. This course emphasizes a two-pronged strategy: first identify and avoid/remove the source of chemicals. And second, facilitate the clearance of toxins that have settled in the body.  The only way the clearing can be achieved is with detoxification and biotransformation.

Areas of Focus
  • Gain advanced knowledge in assessing the total toxic load and its implications for health.
  • Explore the intricate details of Phase 1 and Phase 2 detoxification processes, including the specific chemicals detoxed, necessary nutrients, and factors that activate or inhibit these pathways.
  • Master the assessment techniques for evaluating liver detoxification capacity and understand its significance in creating your client protocols.
  • Restore balance to the detoxification pathways
  • Use targeted detoxification diet, utilizing specific foods and nutrients to support the body's natural detoxification processes.

Module Outline: Detoxification and Biotransformation

Dates: January 4 – January 31, 2024

Class 1: Understanding the Total Toxic Load

  • Exploring the history of toxicology
  • Identifying sources of toxins: exogenous and endogenous
  • Recognizing the clinical consequences of toxin exposure
  • Understanding oxidative damage and its implications
  • Examining enzyme inhibition and its effects on detoxification
  • Investigating DNA and cell membrane damage
  • Exploring the concept of endocrine disruption

Class 2: The Channels of Elimination and Liver Detoxification

  • Comprehensive overview of the 5 Channels of Elimination
  • Study of liver detoxification: Phase 1 and Phase 2

Class 3: In-Depth symptomatology of phase 1 and 2 detoxification

  • In depth: Phase 1 (chemicals detoxed, nutrients needed, activators and inhibitors of phase 1)
  • In depth: Phase 2 (chemicals detoxed, nutrients needed, activators and inhibitors of phase 2)
  • Tests to assess liver detoxification
  • Exploration of the lymphatic system

Class 4: Functional Nutrition Strategies for Detoxification

  • Discussing strategies and lifestyle modification recommendations to reduce exposure to toxins
  • Understanding and safely using the the detoxification diet
  • Support the body's natural detoxification processes with the use of phytochemicals
  • The clinical use of therapeutic foods to promote and support optimal detoxification pathways
  • Incorporate safe and responsible therapeutic supplementation

Download the program syllabus


module 5

Mental health and neurological conditions can have multifaceted causes and manifestations, making it difficult to pinpoint the exact underlying factors affecting each individual. Each person may present unique symptoms, making it challenging to develop tailored treatment plans.

In addition, your clients may have coexisting conditions leading to overlapping symptoms and complex interactions. Finding the root cause and creating an effective protocol requires comprehensive assessment and tailored treatment approaches.

In this course, we will examine how to identify a person’s neurological imbalances, and how to restore the health of the nervous system for conditions such as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep disorders
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Leaky gut syndrome
  • Attention deficit (and hyperactivity) disorder (ADD/ADHD)
  • Concussions
  • Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
Areas of Focus
  • Comprehensive exploration of the intricate workings of the nervous system to develop a deep understanding of its structure and function.
  • Advanced techniques for identifying and recognizing neurological imbalances through pattern recognition, enabling precise and tailored protocol development.
  • In-depth examination of the upstream factors impacting neurological health, unraveling the complex web of influences that contribute to mental health and neurological well-being.
  • Proven strategies and methodologies to restore balance to the nervous system.
  • Integration of targeted diets, specialized foods, potent nutraceuticals, and transformative mind-body therapies to optimize mental and neurological health outcomes.
  • Empowerment in maintaining lifelong mental and neurological well-being through evidence-based practices and proactive self-care measures.

Module Outline: Mental Health and Neurology

Dates: February 8 – March 6, 2024

Class 1: Foundations of Mental Health and Neurology

  • Exploring the 2 pillars of mental health: a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted factors contributing to neurological well-being.
  • Anatomy and physiology of the nervous system: a deep dive into the intricate structure and function of the nervous system.
  • Investigating the upstream factors that underlie and influence mental health and neurological conditions.
  • Nurturing neuronal health: discovering the essential requirements for optimal neuron function and overall neurological well-being.

Class 2: Brain Food and Neurotransmitter Metabolism

  • Exploring brain food and the study of eating for neuron health and cognitive function.
  • In-depth study of key neurotransmitters and understanding the intricacies of neurotransmitter metabolism.

Class 3: Addressing Depression and Neuroinflammation

  • The Inflammatory Connection to Depression: Exploring the link between inflammation and depressive disorders.
  • Understanding the role of neuroinflammation and the blood-brain barrier in mental health.
  • The influence of blood sugar regulation on emotional and cognitive states.
  • Exploring targeted therapeutic approaches including diets, foods, lifestyle modifications, and nutraceuticals to support individuals with depression.

Class 4: Managing Anxiety, Neurodegenerative Disorders, and More

  • In-depth exploration of the neurological aspects and potential interventions for anxiety, anorexia nervosa, insomnia, and attention-deficit disorders.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the neurological characteristics and impact of autism spectrum disorders,
  • Examine the role and influence of gluten on the nervous system and its implications for mental well-being.
  • Neurodegenerative Disorders: Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease: Exploring the mechanisms underlying neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.
  • Effectively crafting therapeutic strategies such as diets, foods, lifestyle, and nutraceuticals to implement targeted protocols to support individuals with various mental and neurological conditions.

Download the program syllabus


module 6

For certified levels only

The Applied Nutrition in Clinical Practice course offers health professionals a comprehensive training on how to skillfully construct personalized nutritional protocols using a proven 7-step process that has been developed and perfected in my own clinical practice over the last 15+ years.

Designed to address the challenges faced by the clinician who strives to create personalized and client-centered protocols while managing time constraints, this course offers a streamlined approach with a focus on mastering the language of the body, optimizing the research process, protocol creation, the sourcing of relevant research, and providing educational materials for clients.

Includes Your Practice Tool Kit 

Key tools for Streamlining Your Practice!

Areas of Focus
  • Enhanced efficiency: Develop efficient processes to save valuable time and streamline your workflow, enabling you to serve more clients effectively.
  • Appropriate communication during intake: Master the ability to ask targeted questions, effectively articulate your process, establish clear goals and expectations, and foster a therapeutic partnership with your clients.
  • Comprehensive information gathering: Develop skills to gather pertinent information about clients' medical history, lifestyle, and dietary habits.
  • Streamlined intake process: Create the best intake questionnaire for your practice, optimizing the information gathering process and obtaining essential details to develop personalized protocols.
  • Symptomatology Evaluation: Enhance your proficiency in assessing and analyzing clients' symptoms, enabling you to decipher the body's language, identify patterns, connections, and potential root causes, and employ targeted treatment strategies for effective outcomes.
  • Enhanced follow-up protocol development: Learn techniques to create structured and effective follow-up protocols in therapeutic relationship with your client and increase client compliance and protocol adherence.
  • Efficient research skills: Develop research skills to access reliable and relevant resources efficiently, enabling you to stay up-to-date with the latest scientific findings and evidence-based practices.
  • Resource development expertise: Acquire the ability to develop a comprehensive collection of resources, including educational materials, research articles, and reference materials, to support your practice and provide handouts to clients.
  • Personalized protocol design mastery: Acquire expertise in crafting individualized dietary and lifestyle recommendations that precisely address the unique needs of each client, utilizing an efficient system that minimizes time spent on administrative tasks.
  • Streamlined practice/business management: Learn how to design templates for practice and business use, enhancing efficiency in documentation, client management, and overall organization.

Sneak Peek Inside Your Practice Tool Kit

(Certified Practitioner and Advanced Certified Practitioner levels)
Dates: March 21 – April 17, 2024

Here's just a glimpse of what's included in this comprehensive toolkit:

  • Intake Forms: Seamlessly gather crucial client information and gain valuable insights into their health history, allowing you to tailor your protocols effectively.
  • Food/Mood/Exercise/Sleep Intake Form: Uncover the intricate connections between nutrition, mood, exercise, and sleep, enabling you to create targeted interventions.
  • Liability Form: Protect your practice and establish a clear understanding of responsibilities and agreements between you and your clients, ensuring a professional and secure working relationship.
  • Protocol Prescription Template: Effortlessly generate personalized treatment plans with our user-friendly template, guiding you through the process of designing protocols that align perfectly with each client's needs.
  • Readiness Assessment: Assess your clients' readiness and commitment to making lifestyle changes, facilitating targeted interventions and fostering a therapeutic relationship.
  • Supplement Order Forms: Simplify the ordering process for supplements by utilizing our convenient forms, ensuring accuracy and efficiency when recommending and tracking supplement usage.
  • Test Instruction Forms: Step-by-step instructions for various assessment tool, such as basal temperature tests, stomach acid test evaluations zinc taste tests and more ...

Download the program syllabus

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Choose The Level That’s Right For You

This program is offered at three different levels based on the depth of practice you are interested in.


Therapeutic Nutrition and Supplements

Advanced Clinical Focus: Digestion and GI Health

Advanced Clinical Focus: Hormones and Endocrinology

Advanced Clinical Focus: Detoxification and Biotransformation

Advanced Clinical Focus: Neurology and Mental Health

Full transcripts of all pre-recorded classes

Full audio-files of all pre-recorded classes


most popular

Certified Practitioner

Therapeutic Nutrition and Supplements

Advanced Clinical Focus: Digestion and GI Health

Advanced Clinical Focus: Hormones and Endocrinology

Advanced Clinical Focus: Detoxification and Biotransformation

Advanced Clinical Focus: Neurology and Mental Health

Full transcripts of all pre-recorded classes

Full audio-files of all pre-recorded classes

Applied Nutrition In Clinical Practice

Blood Work Intensive Workshop

Functional Lab Testing Workshop

Digital copy of the Blood Test Workbook

3 Case Study Analysis Sessions (Small group coaching)

8 Done-For-You Unbranded Protocol Guides with Monographs

Digital Copy of the Blood Test Workbook

Certification Exam


Limited Spaces

Advanced Certified Practitioner

Therapeutic Nutrition and Supplements

Advanced Clinical Focus: Digestion and GI Health

Advanced Clinical Focus: Hormones and Endocrinology

Advanced Clinical Focus: Detoxification and Biotransformation

Advanced Clinical Focus: Neurology and Mental Health

Full transcripts of all pre-recorded classes

Full audio-files of all pre-recorded classes

Applied Nutrition In Clinical Practice

Blood Work Intensive Workshop

Functional Lab Testing Workshop

Digital copy of the Blood Test Workbook

3 Case Study Analysis Sessions (Small group coaching)

8 Done-For-You Unbranded Protocol Guides with Monographs

Digital Copy of the Blood Test Workbook

Certification Exam

3 Clinical Sit-In Sessions with Josh Gitalis

3 Debriefing Sessions with Josh Gitalis

3 One-on-One Mentoring Sessions with Josh Gitalis


What our Graduates are Saying

"Josh, you are such an amazing teacher! Your ability to clearly explain and simplify technical pieces is amazing. Working through your courses, I can always count on my questions being answered on the next slide!"

Kathleen MitchellCertified Health Coach

"Josh presents evidenced-based data in a well-organized, logical, and effective manner and provides plenty of opportunity for feedback and questions to be asked. After taking the GI course, I knew I wanted to complete the certification program-knowing I would walk away better equipped to serve others."

Leigh GistingerNurse Practitioner

Josh is almost like a perfectionist whose teaching skills reflect in the Classroom. Even though I’m a pharmacist and have attended various continuing education lessons, I found Josh’s lectures to be amazingly simply and extremely interesting.

Shagufta KarimiPharmacist

I've taken a number of online courses and Josh's courses surpass them in knowledge, delivery and supported documentation. His course provided up-to-date information that I can use with my current clients and workshop topics. Thank you for providing excellent information.

Brenda WattCertified Holistic Nutritionist

included for

Certified Practitioner and Advanced Certified Practitioners

Blood Work Workshop

Understanding blood work is not as complicated as we believe. We are all able, with minimal training, to read and understand the results of our tests.

In this workshop we will examine:

  • What is blood and what does it tell us about our health?
  • The function of blood in the body.
  • The role of epigenetics and how our lifestyle choices affect our genetics and health.
  • “Normal” versus “Optimal” ranges when reading blood work.
  • The importance of getting regular blood tests.
  • Common blood tests and what they mean.
  • Multiple case studies demonstrating the utility of blood work.

Functional Lab Testing Workshop

Standard medical testing has been developed to detect end-stage diseases and disorders and acute crisis, and it is exceptional at doing this.

When there are “subclinical” imbalances, and/or if prevention is the goal, standard medical testing falls remarkably short. That is where functional lab testing comes in.

Functional tests look at dysfunction rather than pathology. Some examples are; comprehensive stool analysis, hormone testing, food sensitivity testing, fatty acids profiles, iodine testing, and many more.

In this workshop we will examine:

  • Common functional lab tests used in practice.
  • The utility of these tests.
  • Benefits and limitations.
  • Case studies demonstrating their utility.

8 Done-For-You Unbranded Protocol Guides with Monographs

The 8 Done-For-You Unbranded Protocol Guides with Monographs, provides a valuable resource that streamlines your practice and saves you time.

These guides are expertly crafted, comprehensive, and ready-to-use, providing you with well-designed protocols for various health conditions.

You have full control over the protocol templates. You can add things, remove things, or use as is, based on your clients personalized needs. 

3x Small group coaching Case Study Analysis Sessions

The Case study analysis sessions provide small group coaching for students at the Certified Practitioner and Advanced Certified Practitioner levels.

During these interactive live classes, Josh Gitalis will share real-life case studies. This will provide you with invaluable insights into the functional nutrition approach and the systematic thought process you’ll learn during the program - enabling you to effectively address the nuances of each individual case.


Offerings for Advanced Certified Practitioners

Clinic Sit-In Sessions with Josh Gitalis

This is an exclusive opportunity to directly learn from Josh Gitalis as he demonstrates the functional nutrition approach through real client interactions. This will include client intake, protocol pick-up sessions, and follow-ups. 

His invaluable experience provides a unique glimpse into the practical application of functional nutrition rarely available elsewhere.

Debriefing sessions post
Clinic Sit-In Sessions

Participate in post-clinic debriefing sessions with Josh Gitalis, where you will have the opportunity to integrate your learnings and clinical experiences from each Clinic Sit-In Session, ensuring an understanding of the material and its practical application.

One-on-one Mentoring sessions with Josh Gitalis

Utilize your dedicated mentoring sessions with Josh to discuss various aspects of your clinical practice and professional growth, including client protocols, practice management, business development, and personal development as a healthcare practitioner.

all levels 

Diverse learning to suit your style

Weekly Live Group Mentoring Sessions

Whether you attend the sessions live or catch up on the replay, these interactive mentoring calls offer you a unique opportunity to receive personalized guidance, expert mentoring, and unwavering support throughout your learning journey.

Full Transcripts of all Pre-Recorded Classes

Transcripts are a valuable resource to enhance the learning experience. With transcripts you can efficiently navigate through the course material, build a comprehensive practitioner resource library, and deepen your understanding of the subject matter.

Full Audio-Files of all Pre-Recorded Classes

By providing audio files in our online program, we offer our students a dynamic learning experience that engages multiple senses, facilitates deeper comprehension, and enables convenient on-the-go access to our content.


January 2025 
Dates to be announced

Attend Live or Go at your own pace  

Module 1: Therapeutic Nutrition and Supplements in Practice

Module 2: Advanced Clinical Focus: Digestion and GI Health

Module 3: Advanced Clinical Focus: Hormones and Endocrinology

Module 4: Advanced Clinical Focus: Detoxification and Biotransformation

Module 5: Advanced Clinical Focus: Mental Health and Neurology

Module 6: Applied Nutrition in Clinical Practice

Blood Work Intensive Workshop

Functional Lab Testing Workshop

3 Case Study Analysis Sessions (Small group coaching)

Clinical Sit-In Sessions with Josh Gitalis
To be booked individually

Debriefing sessions post Clinic Sit-In Sessions
To be booked individually

One-on-One Mentoring Sessions with Josh Gitalis
To be booked individually

Is this program for you?

The Functional Nutrition Certification program is for you if you are a nutritionist, health coach, culinary nutrition expert, dietitian, naturopathic doctors, medical doctor, nurse, nurse practitioner, chiropractor, physiotherapist, personal trainer, yoga teacher, fitness specialist.

Health Coaches

Expand your practice to meet the diverse needs of clients with complex health conditions. No longer shy away from opportunities to educate and debate complex cases. In fact, you’ll move beyond generic detox, hormone or weight-loss programs and become renowned for your ability to address the most challenging client cases.


Add nutrition services to your practice to increase client success rates.  Our program equips you with cutting-edge knowledge and places the latest scientific research at the core of your practice. With our streamlined evidence-backed protocol development system and clinic resources, you can effortlessly integrate functional nutrition into your clinical practice.

Fitness Professionals

Add in-depth nutrition counseling to your offerings, to maximize client results.  Nutrition can provide untapped potential to facilitate faster and more efficient body reshaping, rehabilitation, and repair, for your clients.

Health Enthusiasts

You express a strong desire to delve deeper into understanding how the body functions. The vast amount of information available on the internet can be overwhelming, often lacking clarity and coherence. 

You feel fatigued from attempting to piece together fragmented knowledge and yearn for reliable, well-organized, and easily comprehensible information based on thorough research. This knowledge would be invaluable to your personal health journey, whether pursued independently or in collaboration with your healthcare team.

Talk to our Admissions Advisor

Katherine  AdmissionS Advisor

If you have any questions about how investing in the Functional nutrition certification program can benefit you, please call us at 416-895-7335 or email us at Katherine, will respond within one business day.

Registration Includes

Over 120 hours of video-based content

Over 24 hours of Live Mentoring and Q&A hours

Transcripts and Audio files for all classes

Slides for all courses

Course notebooks/notes

Access to student Facebook group

2-years of unlimited access

Certificate as a Certified Functional Nutrition Coach (CFNC)

Practice Toolkit (questionnaires, forms, handouts, etc.)

Michelle Vodrazka

Author, nutrition and fitness expert, international speaker, and corporate wellness consultant.

I can't even begin to describe how useful the functional nutrition certification has been in building both my practice and my self-confidence as a nutrition professional.

The Functional Nutrition Certification really dives deep into key areas of health and healing, and provides you with the WHY and the HOW behind the WHAT.  After completing this course, I finally have the knowledge and the tools to help me get to the root cause of my client's health concerns and know which key steps to take to support them on their way back to optimal health.  Nowhere else have I found a certification that will teach you in detail which functional protocols, specific foods, therapeutic supplements and lifestyle interventions you can use to support specific health conditions and why they work!  

I have completed a ton of nutrition certifications, and Josh's is one of the most knowledgeable, intelligent people I have ever learned from. Yet, he has the unique ability to take complicated concepts and make them super easy to understand and fun to learn, which is something that is really rare.

Josh Gitalis Ba(H), CNP, IFMCP

Clinical Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Practitioner

Meet Your Instructor

josh gitalis

With over 15 years of experience as a clinical nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner, I have dedicated my career to uncovering the origins of disease and developing transformative healing protocols. I firmly believe that the key to unlocking your potential as a practitioner lies in the combination of hands-on experience coupled with continued education.

As an educator, I am passionate about working with health practitioners and clinicians, equipping them with the knowledge and tools they need to understand the root causes of illness and discover effective upstream solutions for  acieving their health goals. 

My approach to protocol design goes beyond telling my client what to do, I prioritize explaining the "why" behind each recommendation and how it uniquely impacts the body.  This is what fosters a therapeutic relationship and invites my clients to re-claim responsibility for their own health outcomes.  

Through my Functional Nutrition Certification Program, I empower practitioners to delve deeper, bridging the gap between research and clinical practice to achieve exceptional results with their clients.

our mission

In the Functional Nutrition Certification program, our mission is to empower practitioners and health enthusiasts with the knowledge and skills to transform lives through functional nutrition.
We provide comprehensive education, combining evidence-based research with practical application.
  • Our goal is to cultivate a community of passionate and knowledgeable practitioners who deliver personalized, holistic approaches to wellness.
  • We strive to be leaders in the field, bridging the gap between conventional and holistic health.
  • Together, we envision a world where functional nutrition is recognized as essential for optimal well-being.

Practitioners who became Certified Functional Nutrition Coaches find fulfilling careers in various ways.

Private Practice

Establishing your own private practice allows you to work one-on-one with clients, offering personalized functional nutrition coaching and guidance.

Online Coaching & Telehealth

With the rise of telehealth and online platforms, Functional Nutrition Health Coaches have the opportunity to offer virtual coaching services to clients worldwide. This allows for flexibility and reaching a larger audience.

Author and Speaker

Writing books, creating online courses, or becoming a public speaker in the field of functional nutrition allows you to share your knowledge and expertise with a wider audience, while establishing yourself as a thought leader.

Integrative Clinics

Many integrative medical clinics or wellness centers employ Functional Nutrition Health Coaches as part of their team. You can collaborate with other healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive patient care and support.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of employee well-being. Functional Nutrition  Health Coaches can be employed by corporations to develop and implement wellness programs, conduct workshops, and provide individual coaching to improve employee health and productivity.

Healthcare Facilities

Functional Nutrition Health Coaches can work in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, pharmacies, or other healthcare facilities to support patients in their recovery journeys, assist with lifestyle modifications, and provide ongoing guidance.

Our Graduates Represent 45 Different Countries

Frequently Asked Questions

What certification is achieved? 

For practitioners, this is a continuing education certification, to improve their skills as a clinician. It is not a stand-alone accredited program. Most organizations will accept the courses for continuing education credits.

For the Certified Practitioner and Advanced Certified Practitioner, you must complete an open book exam at the end of each module to qualify for certification. There is no final exam for the whole program. A minimum grade of 80% is required to pass each course.

Upon completion of the program and its testing requirements, you will earn a certificate as a Certified Functional Nutrition Coach (CFNC). 

For the health enthusiasts, the Honorary level has no testing and is not eligible for certification. 

What scope of work can be done upon successful completion?

In the Functional Nutrition Certification program, we strive to be leaders in the field, bridging the gap between conventional and holistic health.

Our goal is to share the skills necessary to empower clients to take responsibility for their health and work in therapeutic partnership with you.

Regardless of your current profession, whether you are a medical doctor, nurse, dietitian, health coach, clinician, fitness professional, or a licensed wellness practitioner, having the ability to address a client symptom and reclaim their optimal health, is a crucial skill in advancing the new paradigm of healthcare.

Having said that, the Functional Nutrition certification program is not a licensing program. You will be required to practice within the scope of work of your current profession. 

Will I be able to recommend functional lab testing?

Any lab testing you would recommend to your clients would need to be done within your current scope of practice.

Does the Functional Nutrition Certification as a whole or the individual modules count towards Continuing Education needed for Certified Nutritional Practitioners Council of Canada (CNPCC) or The International Organization of Nutritional Consultants (IONC)?

Yes, the Functional Nutrition Certification and individual modules do qualify as continuing education for these organizations.

What kind of work is involved with each module (quizzes etc.)?

Each course has an open book exam. There is no final exam for the whole program. The Honorary level has no testing. This is a professional level certification program and will require you to dedicate some time to your studies.  

This is what you can expect from each week:
Weekly Module Viewing: 2 hours

Live Mentoring and Q&A: Up to 60 to 90 minutes

Any that is spent beyond this, is up to the participant. You get out as much as you put in!

What is the course schedule?

For our September session, the program runs from September to May.
For our January session, the program runs from January to December with a break in the summer.

Each Thursday a new module and set of videos will be released. You will have 6 days, until the following Wednesday to watch them and prepare any questions for our Live Strean Q&A call. 

All of our Live Stream Q&A sessions are held on Wednesdays at 12 pm Eastern Time where we address any question you have about the previous module. You may join us live and come prepared with your questions. Due to the time difference, we realize it may not always be possible to attend live. In this case, you are welcome and encouraged to submit your questions in advance and they will be answered in the live Q&A session.

Weekly Live Stream Q&A sessions are recorded and posted to the portal within 24 hours. 

I have previously taken some of the courses offered in the FNC program. Will I be able to get credit or discount on the program price when I register?

Yes! If you’ve taken any of the courses offered, we will discount your FNC program purchase for the amount of the course(s) you’ve already taken. We do charge a $25 admin fee for each course credit applied. Please email us at to set this up.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, we offer 3 month and 6 month payment plans for the Honorary, Certified Practitioner and Advance Certified Practitioner levels.

I will not be able to make all of the live streams. Will there be replay’s available?

All courses come with downloadable course materials and pre-recorded videos that you can view at your own pace, 24/7. 

All live components, including the weekly Live Stream Q&A sessions, the group coaching sessions, and workshops are recorded so that if you are unable to make the session, you can review the material on your own time.

The entire Functional Nutrition Certification Program is offered 100% online. Though content is released week-by-week, the structure of the program affords you the freedom to set your schedule to tune in when it best suits you. This means you can access it from anywhere in the world and study at your own pace while still enjoying the dynamic of engaging with your fellow students.


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