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Some key points we discussed…

  • What the most common contraceptive is in North America
  • Why someone would take the birth control pill (BCP)
  • What the risks are with hormonal contraceptives
  • What happens when you start the BCP early in life
  • The irony of taking the BCP (think libido)
  • Important nutrients to consider
  • What are birth control alternatives
  • How long it takes for a cycle to normalize after discontinuing the BCP
  • The effect of stress on female hormones
  • Is PMS normal?

Amy’s Bio

Amy Sedgwick is a former Occupational Therapist, and holds a certificate as a Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner. She has appeared as a guest speaker at various colleges and universities throughout southern Ontario and has appeared in media broadcasts on both CBC radio and CTV television. Amy has also been welcomed as one of Meghan Telpner’s Superhero Posse on the popular blog Making Love in the Kitchen. For more information please visit