From The Desk of Josh Gitalis

Everyone is looking for “the cure”… the cure for cancer, the cure for diabetes, the cure for heart disease, the cure for everything. What is a cure, anyway?

The cure for cancer is defined as someone who has been cancer-free for at least five years. With other conditions, the cure might simply mean the absence of disease.

If you cut out a diseased tissue, is the body really cured? Isn’t disease a condition of the whole body? Isn’t everything connected?

The word “cure”, however, makes us believe a number of things:

  • It’s a passive process.
  • Can be fear-based.
  • There’s something “out there” that is going to heal us.
  • One drug, surgery, or treatment will cure us.
  • It’s not my job.
  • The disease/condition is gone.
  • I can continue living the way I want to, now that I’m cured.

This mentality takes away the power of the individual to play an active role in their health and healing.

We must switch from a cure-oriented mentality to a healing-oriented mentality. The healing mentality has a number of different distinctions that empower the individual and don’t leave them at the mercy of the treatment.


  • Is an active process.
  • Does not involve fear as a motivator.
  • Is a process in which multiple parties are involved; yourself and your loved ones.
  • Involves the physical body as well and the mental, emotional, and spiritual faculties.
  • May or may not involve the absence of the disease/condition.
  • Is a continuous process and practice.
  • Happens from within-out.

Instead of looking for cures, we should focus more on finding ways to heal, and a cure will be sure to follow.