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I always enjoy working with children. Why? Because when we determine what might be causing their health issues, then address it with food, lifestyle modification, and supplements, children typically heal very quickly. Children’s bodies have a tremendous ability to be restored to their natural state of optimal health when the correct measures are taken to correct imbalances.  In this case, I am sharing with you the inspiring story of an 8-year-old boy who, with the support of myself and his mom, healed himself from seizures, allergies, and asthma.

One these special young clients is 8-year-old Braxton Young, of Maryland. He is a shining example of how functional nutrition can make a huge difference in a child’s life, and in his future.

When his mother Kimberly Young, a graduate of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition,  first introduced Braxton to me, he was on four medications which his doctors recommended he should continue indefinitely. Ms. Young had deep concerns about her son being on these medications for life. She knew there must be a better a way.

In functional nutrition, it is our belief that everything happens for a reason. In other words, there is a cause for certain symptoms, and symptoms are the bodies way of saying “something is wrong here!”.

Step 1: Intake- Main Concerns: Anxiety, Asthma, Allergies, Seizures

Every personalized protocol begins with gathering a thorough history so we can determine the client’s timeline. The timeline helps us discover what contributing factors might be involved in perpetuating the symptoms. We also review a diet-food-mood-movement diary.

In Braxton’s case, we also felt that completing some specific blood tests, and and organic acids test would be helpful. These tests revealed some key deficiencies which we were able to target with specific therapeutic foods and supplements.

Step 2: Customized Program

In my clinic I have seen hundred of clients but have never given the same protocol twice. I believe that there are  over 7 billion different people on this planet, all with different biochemistries, and therefore all require a different “recipe” for healing.

With Braxton, we first removed anything that could be exacerbating his symptoms, like gluten, dairy, and sugar. There were a few other foods we also eliminated that Braxton himself identified as problematic. Yes, often we know, not matter what age, what foods may be causing issue for us, but too few choose to listen to our body. We then chose a whole foods diet to best suit his needs, introduced him to deep breathing exercises, and added a few specific supplements in therapeutic doses based on his blood work results.

I’ll let Braxton share the results with you himself.

Braxton Young Shares The Results

Through his healing journey, Braxton developed a passion for being in the kitchen and with his mother’s support, went on to enter a kid’s cooking competition. He created his very own low allergen, gluten and dairy-free recipe and went on to win the competition!

As the winner, Braxton was invited to the White House where he had the opportunity to meet President Obama!


When a client allows me to share their story I am truly grateful. I believe that we can all learn from individuals healing journeys. There is always something to take away to apply in our own lives.

Key Takeaways

  • The snowball effect of medical intervention can be stopped in it’s tracks if an “up-stream” approach is implemented, and the cause is found and addressed.
  • Symptoms are signs that the body is out of balance. Symptoms are the language of the body.
  • Food, lifestyle modification, and supplements are powerful when used in the right doses, for the right person, at the right time. In other words, when natural remedies are used intelligently, they work.
  • Making decisions today, can change change the course of your life, and/or your child’s life forever.