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Some key points we discussed:

  • Which book changed the course of his life.
  • Challenges of the health care system.
  • The role that drugs play in the health care system.
  • His thoughts on the merger of the allopathic (medical) and the integrative health care systems.
  • What the key is to optimal health.
  • Wisdom from 29 years of practicing environmental medicine and seeing 20,000 patients.

Jozef’s Bio

Jozef Krop has been considered a leader in complementary and environmental medicine for over 20 years and has over 30 years experience working with individuals with complex health issues and restoring their wellbeing. He is now retired from the practice of medicine and no longer holds a medical license. He is working under his homeopathic license. His thorough and investigative approach works to get to the root of health issues. Thousands of patients have been and continue to be empowered by his knowledge and support througout their journey to restoring health. The Centre is an outgrowth of his vision for a healing centre which considers every individual to be unique, exposed to a unique set of circumstances and needing a custom-tailored approach.

A leader in advocating for patients with multiple chemical sensitivities, his former medical practice was used by the Ontario government to begin the process of establishing guidelines for dealing with environmental causes of illness (1985 Thomson Report). He had a leading role in launching the Kwinter Bill in Ontario, which enshrined patients’ freedom of choice in the Medicine Act of Ontario in 2000. His book, Healing the Planet: One Patient at a Time: A Primer in Environmental Medicine (Polish Edition: Ratujmy sie: Elementarz medycyny ekologicznej), is a user-friendly guide to protecting human health in a polluted world.

The struggle against harmful environmental hazards and pathogens has just begun. The work of Dr. Jozef Krop is welcomed by all of us who have opened our eyes to the current suffering.” -Rosalie Bertell, internationally renowned expert on the health effects of radiation

Dr. Krop has a special interest in the wellbeing of children and families. Dr. Krop is now retired from the practice of medicine, and currently working exclusively as a homeopath.