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Josh Gitalis

Josh Gitalis Ba(H), CNP, IFMCP

Clinical Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Practitioner


My passion is in teaching- sharing my knowledge and experience to help those that seek my guidance be the most effective in their work as possible.

As a clinical nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner with over fifteen years of experience, my relentless search for answers as to the origin of disease, and subsequently the implementation of healing protocols, has lead me to believe that continued education combined with experiential practice is what invites practitioners to be effective with their clients.

I enjoy working with students and clients alike from an educational stand-point so that we understand the root cause and can determine the best up stream solution for total healing. 

My protocols are not just about telling my client what to do, but explaining why they’re doing it and how it works in their body.

I aim to empower students to dig deeper, understand both the research and how it applies in clinical practice to achieve optimal results with clients.

About the Functional Nutrition Certification Program

The Online Functional Nutrition Certification Program is a professional training program for health care practitioners and those with a passion for in-depth nutrition.