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Diabetes now affects one in five people. There are two types of diabetes and the most common one is Type II diabetes. Type II diabetes is a result of poor diet and lifestyle in a genetically susceptible individual.

The current standard of care is failing us. Controlling blood sugar levels with glucose-lowering drugs is a risky, band-aid solution. In fact, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2011, found that the use of intensive glucose-lowering therapy increased 5-year mortality.1

In the following video, I discuss two factors that are rarely addressed by most dieticians and almost all doctors. They are key aspects to slowing down the progression of diabetes and must be addressed if diabetes is to be reversed.

Many diseases are complex, but not necessarily complicated.  In the case of diabetes, there are many factors involved, but the solutions are not as complicated as one might think.

– Josh

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